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Murphy and I have enjoyed following the advice and guidance set out in your book and it has been a real eye-opener for me to discover that I was doing so many things wrong! He has been transformed from an over-excited and destructive nuisance to a calm and well-behaved dog whom I am extremely proud of. It has made such a difference to our life and Murphy seems so much happier. Thank you so much – I will be recommending you to all the other Labradoodle owners I know.”
- Rory Webster, San Francisco


It was something of a shock when we brought Doodles home! We thought that puppies slept a lot but Doodles was absolutely manic!! We couldn't teach him anything. It was especially stressful and embarrassing when out in public. Thank goodness for ‘Labradoodle Savvy’, your advice has been invaluable and Doodles is a whole lot calmer which means he's a joy to be around and his obedience training is going so well we even got a compliment when out the other day. ”
- Helena King, Hobart OK

Everything you need to know

I couldn’t understand why our Labradoodle, Jake, was shedding hair. It wasn’t until I read your guide that I realised that there are different types of Labradoodle crosses and that not all of them are non-shedding. Apart from that, he is a lovely boy and exactly as you describe in your guide. We are finding your advice very useful.”
- Kay Alexander, Margate, UK

Easy training

The training so far has been fast and easy. Murphy is smart and eager to please and your instructions have made the training very pleasurable and fun for both of us!”
- Tessa Morton, Jackson, MS

Spirit of Adventure

One of the main reasons I chose a Labradoodle was because we love hiking and I wanted an active and athletic dog. Unfortunately, KC decided that he wanted to do his own explorations and on a couple of occasions I was left looking for him for over 2 hours – I really thought we’d lost him. Thanks to your training tips and advice KC really listens to me now and always comes when he is called now. Thanks!”
- Matt Bloomfield Northumberland, UK

A Dog We Can Take Anywhere

Labradoodle Savvy is a great guide that is easy to read, understand and a quality reference into the breed. Use togather with "At the End of the Lead" we are developing a dog that we can take anywhere with confidence.”
- Paul Winkworth , Fort Lyon, CO

can get a response to ANY question

It is nice to know that I can get a response to ANY question I ask in a timely manner.”
- Joan Gaudette, South Hadley MA USA

helped me to get to know the breed

The book has helped me to get to know the breed. I have a bison that is 7 and he needs not much exercise. But the book has taught me to take this dog and walk her a lot and run her as much as possible so she doesnt get bored. That'ss when they get into trouble when they are bored!”
- Mary Brauns, Abingdon Maryland USA

doing the right thing now

Raising a dog is a lot harder than I anticipated because I work. Also, my dog is self destructive - eats everything and has major surgery 3 times and must be crated. I feel that I'm doing the right thing now and your information reinforces it. I also learned I'm doing the right thing by socialization, doggy day care and having a dog walker. I feel much better.”
- Michele, Granite Springs New York USA

I feel very well prepared

I have not received my puppy yet but thanks to Labradoodle Savvy, I feel very well prepared for all aspects of puppy parenthood.”
- Leigh, Raleigh NC USA

I guarantee you will get results

This is a no frills guide to Labradoodles, if you follow the book I guarantee you will get results in all aspects of Labradoodle ownership. I found the book fascinating and informative and would have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone who has Labradoodles.”
- Peter Ormerod, Bury Lancashire United Kingdom

everything in one book

After losing our beautiful lab of 12 years to lung cancer, we were heart broken. After searching, we decided on a labradoodle. I wanted as much information as possible. You have enabled me do have everything in one book. Every possible thing I need to know. It is wonderful. We get our puppy on Friday, July 3. We are ready and completely prepared. Thank You!!!!”
- Cindy Carroll, Strattanville Pennsylvania U.S.A.

very impressed with the content

I have never been able to find a book before on the Labradoodle and have been very impressed with the content written by owners of labradoodles who know what they are talking about.”
- Debbie Howgego, Ipswich Suffolk United Kingdom

Best value for money purchase

Best value for money purchase I have ever made, very impressed with the timeliness, applicability and responsiveness. Content is sound and spot on.”
- Diane Spartels, Portarlington 3223 Victoria Australia

made our home much happier

I don't know what to say except that it's made our home much happier. We weren't training right until we found the book and we're experienced dog owners!!! (but not of Labradoodles!) Thank you so much.”
- Colleen and Jeff, Edmonton Alberta canada

Labradoodle Savy lessened our fears

As a first time doodle owner, Labradoodle Savy lessened our fears. We learned you really can teach an old dog(and owner) new tricks. Be open minded and have a blast with one of the nicest breeds.”
- Kevin and Jane Moylan, Lexington KY USA

a lifesaver for me

It has been a lifesaver for me. My puppy, Miss Daisy, is very headstrong and can frustrate me - I look at the book at least once a day for help. Could not have done it without you.”
- Suzy Faulkner, Greenwood Indiana USA

I can succeed

Labradoodle Savvy has made my experience as a do owner easier and a lot more fun. I realize from these tips that I can succeed and make the dog's life in my family a positive one for her and for us.”
- Elaine Deck, Alexandria VA USA

excellent value for money

Used a search engine for Labradoodle specific advice, hints and tips. Curiosity got the better of me and I subscribed. I think Labradoodle Savvy is excellent value for money and so helpful.”
- Lady Tess, Preston Lancashire England

information extremely useful

We discovered Labradoodle Savvy on the internet. As first time dog owners we have found the information extremely useful and easy to follow. We feel that Emma is very interested in us and our dog, and we know that we can contact her anytime. We love the personalised service.”
- Belinda Odell, Adelaide SA Australia

covers everything you need to know

I found Labradoodle Savvy very helpful due to the fact it covers everything you need to know about labradoodles and was designed specifically for labradoodle owners.”
- Elinor Nerenberg, Edmonton Alberta Canada

dog follow and respect me

As Labradoodles are intelligent it is very easy for them to become the boss!! Labradoodle Savvy has help me become more of a pack leader which has allowed my dog to follow and respect me.”
- Alex Carson, Petone Wellington New Zealand

the best thing that happened

I found Labradoodle Savvy on the Internet. While exploring the various breeds of dogs, and finally choosing the Labradoodle and looking at various breeders, I came across your Web site. That's the best thing that happened.”
- Chuck & Lisa Cooper, La Quinta California USA

great "drip fed" information

The regular emails provides great "drip fed" information in smaller chunks to read and understand on a regular basis.”
- Mark Lacey, Mornington Victoria Australia

made dog ownership a very pleasant experience

Labradoodle Savvy is a wonderful resource for our family to help our Labradoodle, Twila, become a happy, healthy, part of the family kind of dog. It was a huge decision for us to get a dog and now we cannot be more pleased that we have this wonderful resource at our disposal. Twila is a great dog already because of the understanding we have gained through Labradoodle Savvy about all aspects of her training, health, etc. Having this resource has made dog ownership a very pleasant experience. Thank you so much!”
- Lynda Seneff, Clinton Utah USA

The best!

The best - I am 66 yrs. old and my husband has health problems this was the best thing we did and your book and e-mails have helped me in understanding Gypsy.”

troubleshoot problems almost immediately

I found Labradoodle Savvy on the internet. We wanted to be sure to train our new dog differently than our last dog (we were new to having dogs and made lots of mistakes). We have found Labradoodle Savvy to be VERY informative and clearly laid out so we could troubleshoot problems almost immediately. It is a very useful tool to have!”
- Dan & Trish, Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

complemented everywhere she goes

Thank you for helping and encouraging me with my dog, she has been complemented everywhere she goes about her behaviour, the book is a simple interesting read. Thanks!”
- Marianne, Johnson Dublin Ireland

good deal

The best detailed information I found on the breed and the basics for training. I have had other pets and other dogs but Labradoodle Savvy is an excellent reminder of what I already knew but seemed to have forgotten. The emails are very nice addendums and increase the value of the book which I think is a good deal as is.”
- Richard Gianfredi, Allendale NJ USA

Excellent reading

Honest guide as this breed has a lot more to them than people realise. Excellent reading and precise information. THANK YOU!”
- Elizabeth Harrigan, Tyne and Wear United Kingdom

an absolute gentleman for a pup

Labradoodle Savvy is the most complete book on dog training that we have ever read. Our new pup is only 14 weeks old. We read the book first, then found our pup. We followed your advice and we have the most well behaved puppy. We are so proud him. He is an absolute gentleman for a pup of 14 weeks.”
- Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Gall, Port Allegany PA USA

really useful and help a lot

My mom found it on the net and bought the book right away. The whole family read the book even before we got our new puppy. It made us feel like we weren't totally lost when it came to bringing home our families 1st puppy. The emails that are sent every couple of days are really useful and help a lot. The information has really helped and it was a really good way to get into the grove of bringing a puppy into our family.”
- Jurisic Family, Calgary Canada

email away when you need help

I found Labradoodle Savvy very useful, and easy to read. If it is nice to know that there is some only a email away when you need help.”
- Karen Murphy, Mornington Victoria Australia

specific to Labradoodles

I've not found another resource so comprehensive and easy to read. I actually look forward to the email tips, and forward them on to my husband so we are both on the same page with our doodle. It is easy to read, fun, and so very informative. I love that this book is specific to Labradoodles too.”
- Taru Fisher, Menlo Park CA USA

not only a great help but also a comfort

Just to know that the support is out there whenever I need advice is not only a great help but also a comfort, especially with such an intelligentstrong willed and powerful dog. He is also wonderful with other animals and children.”
- A Atkinson, Scholes West Yorkshire England

I can have an excellent companion

Labradoodle is not a common breed in Australia so getting advice was initially hard to find. However Labradoodle Savvy provides me with more than enough information about the labradoodle breed so that I can have an excellent companion.”
- Shaun Barbaro, Albury NSW Australia

specific to the breed

Have not used the email support yet but will do in the future. Labradoodle Savvy is specific to the breed while other puppy books are for a broad range of dogs so your problem doesn't always come up.”
- Dianne Hoetmer, Clyde Alberta Canada

book specifically about Labradoodles

I found Labradoodle Savvy when looking for help on how to groom my matted up 10 month old puppy. I was delighted to find in my google search a book specifically about Labradoodles. We were having some ongoing behaviour issues that seemed harder to shift than with my previous dog. It was a relief to hear that many of the things we were experiencing were typical for the breed and reassuring to know that I can ask specific questions about my dog and have ongoing help to mould her into a lovely family pet.”
- Janine Mahoney, Gisborne Victoria Australia

prevented me from making numerous mistakes

I purchased and read Labradoodle Savvy before I adopted my doodle. Reading this information prevented me from making numerous mistakes with my new dog. I appreciate the comprehensive information and continue to refer to the book as I need more information or clarification.”
- Sara Davenport, Skaneateles New York USA

Cody is coming along nicely

I wish I had signed up for this when I first got my puppy. He was 4 months old before I found you! I have found the obedience tips very useful, and have put to use the training tips very successfully. My Cody is coming along nicely thanks to some very good ideas I've learned from Labradoodle Savvy. For example, I've learned that my tone of voice is important in getting him to obey my commands. I look forward to the emails and how I can put to use some great ideas in getting my Cody to be a well behaved dog.”
- Carol McCasland, Boerne TX USA

first-class guide

Labradoodle Savvy is a first-class guide in helping newcomers to dog-owning. You've made our lives that much easier with your superb advice. Thank you so much.”
- Steve Pass, Aston, Nantwich Cheshire England

covers everything

It covers everything I will need to know & do for the most important person in my life.”
- Buzz Buzaglo, Albert Park Melbourne Victoria Australia

taught me so many different things

Labradoodle savvy taught me so many different things I didn't know, even after owning many dogs before, especially how to train my dog properly.”
- Dale Newman, Frankford Ontario Canada

they are enjoying her

Sandy is my first dog and I was a total novice - reading Labradoodle Savvy let me know that I was doing things right and to keep at it even though some people (obviously not in the know) were saying that I couldn't train her that she was too silly!! She is adorable and I am really enjoying her and that is great coming from someone who really didn't like dogs. (I got her for my boys and I'm the one doing all the things with her and they are enjoying her too).”
- Lorna O'Donnell, Leffin Dungloe Co Donegal Ireland

I found the site and books very generous

I found the site and books very generous and the emails keep coming at the right time... excellent spacing between them as the little rascal grows and changes almost at the rate of the instructions and ideas of the emails.”
- Tashi (siesta fiesta) and Rhiannon, Perth Western Australia

got us through that very difficult first week

"Savvy" has got us through that very difficult first week home and given all of our family an interesting insight into their new "Brother". The kids even read it, which is a feat in itself.”
- Graeme, Coombs Surrey England

Lots of useful information

Lots of useful information and advice about labradoodles - invaluable if you have not had this breed before.
- Debbie Wright, Bristol Somerset England

A MUST if you are going to enjoy this breed

Great support for early training of your dog. A MUST if you are going to enjoy this intelligent, high energy pet.”
- Richard Yanez, Scottsdale AZ usa

We have bonded well because of the labradoodle savvy

I look forward to each day receiving the emails and take it in as its small information in that seems to stay and i find them so interesting and the feeling that there is someone at the end of an email to help if I need it that has so much experience and so much to offer that it gives me confidence in raising my pup. We have bonded well because of the labradoodle savvy so thank you very much and please keep up the good work. Its so worth it and has and will make a lot of pups and owners so content and happy.
- Lynne Lloyd-Williams

I wouldn't be without it

Desperate to find someone who could help having just acquired a 6 weeks old puppy. I quickly came across Labradoodle Savvy on the internet and what a find! Great advice resulting in lots of "light bulb" moments making things suddenly clear so that the family understand why our labradoodle is as she is and how we can work together to help her grow to achieve her full potential and be happy and healthy. the emails are brilliant, arriving just as we reach each new stage. I wouldn't be without it.”
- Janet, Halifax West Yorkshire England

well written and thorough

Labradoodle Savvy is well written and thorough. I have read several books on dog training and I found this to be most useful because it does take the Labradoodle temperament into consideration.”
- Gill, Vancouver Island British Columbia Canada

The cost was very reasonable

I found this program to be helpful, personal, and very much in tune to the needs of labradoodles and their owners. The cost was very reasonable. I would highly recommend it.”
- Pauline, Mt. Olive NJ USA

easy to read and follow guide

Labradoodle Savvy is and easy to read and follow guide on raising a well mannered dog who is a socialised and happy of my family. Well done.”
- R Tinney, Warragul Vic Australia

hard work and enthusiasm its much appreciated

As we are first timers at raising a dog, you guys have been a nice support when we have been tired from being up early and constantly checking out where our pup is sniffing out his next place to relieve himself! Thanks for all your hard work and enthusiasm its much appreciated.”
- Martin, Sarah, Katie and Tilly James, Sidcup Kent UK


Labradoodle Savvy really does tell you all you need to know, arts and all! Excellent and very helpful email support always on hand. Priceless.”
- Jane Eldridge, Gloucestershir England

tried other training booksmethods without any luck

I'm a first time dog owner who was completely overwhelmed by my labradoodle puppy. I had tried other training booksmethods without any luck. I was on the verge of giving up. Then I found Labradoodle Savvy. The advice and help specific to my dog's breed has made owning and training a Labradoodle puppy a much easier and happier experience for a first-time dog owner.”
- NMRascl, New Mexico USA

happy to share their knowledge

Being novice Labradoodle owners, we were looking for specific help. The writers of Labradoodle Savvy obviously know their subject & are happy to share their knowledge. We love receiving the emails. It almost seems like they know what problems will come up next! Thanks!”
- Hank & Sandy Schmidt, Katy Texas USA

very reasonable cost!

Labradoodle Savvy provides a wealth of very useful information at a very reasonable cost!”
- Mark N., Spencer Iowa USA

very well written for the money

I was just looking for more information and found your books. I think for the money this is very well written and good information for any dog owner.”
- Judy, Columbus Ohio USA

easy to follow and hard to put down

I found the context easy to follow and hard to put down. Each section is full of helpful information and guidance. I now feel I have a better understanding of the labradoodle and look forward to help in the development of a loving and loyal addition to the family.”
- Deb Newall, Gosford NSW Australia

Very helpful and informative

Very helpful and informative. Good to read before buying a puppy to get you started on what you will need to do. Would highly recommend for anyone thinking of buying a puppy.”
- Margaret Hoult, Tamworth Staffordshire England

I am so glad that I found you

We don't have out puppy yet, but I feel that I will be a much better doggie mom by all of the information I have read in the Labradoodle Savvy. I am so glad that I found you.”
- Cathy Elliott, Albuquerque New Mexico USA

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